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These lamps are manufactured by Jieldé, french company.

Lamps are always hand-made on site in Saint Priest’s workshop, on the outskirts of Lyon, with the original equipments. Jieldé is also a team of mechanics, metal casters and painters who work all together to create a 100% French manufactured product. Vintage, yet modern, timeless and tailor-made, the Jieldé lamp is very deeply rooted its time. Its design will carry on to make the name of its brilliant inventor shine, in France and all over the world.

[ History of Jieldé, since 1950 ]

Tired of continually repairing industrial swivel lamp in his machanics workshop, Jean-Louis Domeq, a top engineer, resolved in 1950 to create a “sturdy, handy, manoeuvrable multi-purpose lamp. On a technical level he got rid of the wiring (which often lead to failure and prevent the lamp rotating completely) by designing wirefree joints. -Jielde ,who owns this patent, is still the only manufacturing technique today. The design of the lamp (circular reflector, handling ring, spherical joints) corresponds to its creator’s simple desirethant it be “easy to handle and clean at the flick of duster.” It was to become a standard feature in factories and offices throughout the world (more than 1,500,000 sold since 1950) and was to become a classic industrial lamp. In May 1985, it was included in the Paris Museum of Decorative arts’ reference collection under the heading “the attractive, the useful and the commonplace.” In June 1985, the standard lamp was selected by the agency for the promotion of industrial creation to take part in the exhibition at Pompidou Center. Won over by timelessness and beauty of the standard lamp, interior designers and stylists have taken it out of its industrial context and introduced it into the homes.

We are the exclusive distributor in Asia.
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Stock color : mat black、white、brushed steel、varnished green

CE ( Europe ) PSE ( Japan ) certified.

Outlet Plug - Type A

Size : 15cm (head) / 120cm+40cm (arms) / φ330 (base)

Cable : 2m

Material : aluminium / porcelain ( socket )

Weight : 9.60kg

Switch position : Head

E27 or E26 socket, 60W max.

110-240V - 50/60Hz


ポンピドーセンターの展覧会に出展されたり、パリ ミュージアム オブデコレイティブ アートのコレクションに選ばれたりと高い評価を得ています。


カラーはmatte black、white、brushed steel、varnished greenの4色。

※brushed steelのみ価格が違いますのでご注意下さい。
※Brushed Steelは経年による錆が出やすい仕上げのカラーです。お届け時点においても細かな錆が入っている場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください。


weight : 9600g

Color: Stock color : mat black、white、brushed steel、varnished green

Material: aluminium / porcelain ( socket )


(arm)400+1200 (head)φ160x115 (base)φ333