Using this PILLAR BRACKET, you can easily make a pillar in your space without work of construction. You can build a pillar combinating this bracket and 2×4’s and twist the tip of bracket to the desired length and fit to the ceiling. Not only putting up a poster or picture on the pillar, but also you can make a wall, shelf or partition in your room with making two pillars and nailing in a board on the pillars.

You can use this item for various ways depending on your ideas.


1. Measure the height of ceiling, buy a 2×4’s which height is “ ceiling height -50mm ”

Ex) When the ceiling height is 2700mm, please buy 2650mm 2×4’s.

2. Put the 2×4’s into PILLAR BRACKET, fix them with screw.

3. Set up the PILLAR BRACKET / 2×4’s and turn the adjuster like a tension rod.

4. Tighten a nut to the bottom and fix it.


・The 2×4’s and screws are no included with this bracket.

・Before using this bracket, please check the strength of ceiling.

・Don’t use this bracket horizontality.

・This is no for the seismic strengthening

Size:W90.6 D40.6 H103~

Weight : 0.2kg

PRICE: 1,800 JPY