Toggle switches as used by the P.F.S. design team.

You will see your switches every day, and repeatedly turn them on and off,
so we made sure to choose ones that feel good to use.
These offer far more than just a "click." With such a solid sensation of having turned something on, you might find yourself clicking these on and off even when you don't need to!
A long-standing American design, they offer the unique beauty of something that has been tested by time and is yet to be found wanting.

You can use any of the types of switch with the same plate. Make your selections from the below types depending on your desired placement of switches. The available colors are white, black, ivory and almond.

This item is retail of just the toggle switches. If you also need plates please see here.
(You will need to purchase as many toggle switches as there are holes in the plate. E.g. three holes will require three switches)

You can choose from two type of toggle switches.


A type that allows turning on or off using one switch in a single location. Used when you want a single switch for a single light. This product is marked with "ON/OFF" lettering.


A type that allows turning on or off using two switches in two locations. Used when you want to use two different switches for a single light. (We do not offer three or more switches for a single light.) This product is not marked with "ON/OFF" lettering.

Please have a contractor attach the plates.
In order to prevent serious accidents or fire, when attaching the plate you must cut the breakers
and ensure that no power is being supplied to the site prior to performing the work.
You must use copper or copper clad wire.

Be aware that tightening the screws when attaching the switches too tightly may damage the plate.

Size :
( ONE WAY ) W33.4 H106.7 mm
( 3 WAY ) W33.3 H106.7 mm

Weight : 0.05kg

LV 1/2/3 SUS