Toggle switches as used by the P.F.S. design team.

Each color also has two different finishes, a lustrous glossy finish and a painted matte finish.
The glossy SOFT RESIN stands out even on a tiled wall.
The matte HARD RESIN has a mellow look that blends easily with interiors.

This item is retail of just the plates. If you also need toggle switches please see here.
(You will need to purchase as many toggle switches as there are holes in the plate. E.g. three holes will require three switches)

You can choose from one, two or threes holes per plate.
Be aware that tightening the screws when attaching the switches too tightly may damage the plate.

We also offer TOGGLE SWITCH PLATES in a variety of other colors and with or without lettering on them.

Please have a contractor attach the plates.
In order to prevent serious accidents or fire, when attaching the plate you must cut the breakers
and ensure that no power is being supplied to the site prior to performing the work.
You must use copper or copper clad wire.

Size :
1 HOLE - W70 D5.6 H114 mm
2 HOLES - W115 D5.6 H114 mm
3 HOLES - W162 D5.6 H114 mm

Material : Plastic

Weight :

1 HOLE - 0.02kg
2 HOLES - 0.05kg
3 HOLES - 0.07kg

LV21/22/23, 31/32/33 WH