These classic enamel lamp shades are made using traditional metal spinning techniques. Each one is hand-made by an artisan. They are available in blue, blue black, black, brushed steel, white, mat black and green. They are available in two sizes, 12” (φ310mm) and 14” (φ355mm).

○This product does not include socket and code. So you need to prepare it separately. Please check the shape of your lamp socket before purchasing.
○ Please note that prices vary by color.○ Please note that due to the nature of enamel coating, there may be minor coating variations or peeling.
○ Brushed steel is prone to rusting over time. Please note that there may be a small amount of rust on products when they are delivered.

Size:(14")φ355mm H150mm


Weight : 0.9kg

Note : socket & code sold separately

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PRICE: 5,460 JPY