From among a wide range of stencil fonts, and based on one actually used by the American Army, this set was created by P.F.S. using the font best suited for stenciling.

Made using 0.38mm thickness oil board, each stencil can be used repeatedly.

We offer three sizes of lettering: 1 inch (25.4mm), 1 1/2 inch (38.1mm) and 2 inch (50.4mm).

Each size package includes A-Z, 0-9 and some useful symbols, and then multiples of the most frequently used letters, for a total of 58 stencils.

Combine the letters however you like and spray over them to create signs or add names to files and containers.

Combining the three sizes can also be quite stylistically effective.

[Using the Stencils]

1) Select whichever letters you want and lay them out on the target for stenciling. Line the board pieces up carefully and the lettering will come out beautifully even.

2) Tape the top, bottom and between each letter using masking tape with a width of 8mm or less, and cover the surrounding area with newspapers or suchlike in order to protect it from splashes.

3) Use a lacquer-type spray, and spray from around 10-15cm away from the stencils.

4) Once the spray is dry, carefully remove the masking tape and then remove the stencils.

SIZE: (package size) W78 H90 D40
(1 inch stencil) each characters - 1inch=25.4mm
(1 1/2 inch stencil) each characters - 1.5inch=38.1mm
(2 inch stencil) each characters - 2inch=50.8mm


Weight :

(1 inch) 0.03kg

(1 1/2 inch) 0.06kg

(2 inch) 0.09kg

PRICE: 1,200 JPY