The plastic-heavy, kitschy-colored stationery items that stores everywhere around Japan carry just don't do it for a lot of people. That's why P.F.S. decided to come out with its very own lineup of binders and filing boxes. Having spent 10 whole years planning out every little detail and tweaking the product samples, we know these products are the real deal. After years and years of use, these pieces gradually develop an aged, worn-in feel that's all its own—natural, warm, and totally individual. Don't think of these items as stationery products. They're more along the lines of storage tools and binding equipment. It's hard to develop a personal connection to something that everyone has, you know. When you tag these pieces, we recommend stamping the tags or writing your labels by hand— these file storage pieces are made for that kind of unique personality.

All of our file storage items are made of metal, so there's no need to worry about how sturdy they are. They'll hold regular A4-size paper and larger-format magazines, too. These file- storage units went through countless redesigns-especially when it came to how thick the steel plate should be and how the handles should go on—before we finally settled on the optimal configuration. Heavy enough to serve as sturdy bookends,the- se units strike an excellent match with wooden furniture.

Size: W110 D260 H320
Color: Olive drab / Light gray

Weight : 1.4kg

PRICE: 4,600 JPY