A simple 4-hole variant of our popular BINDER.
Here at P.F.S. we use the lever arch type more for the storage of documents, and so found ourselves also wanting a 4-hole type for use in meetings, offering more freedom for taking pages in and out and ease of turning through them.
The document binder has been designed to open 180 degrees when placed on a desk.
Numerous other enhancements have been made, such as the use of reinforcing cloth.
The cover feels nice to the touch and is tough, using materials with a grainy feel, and each and every file is finished by hand. Retail A4 refills and loose-leaf can also be used.
Why not title the binder using our stencils or DYMO?

It seems quite a few people have been waiting for just this sort of stationery and we are pleased at how well they’ve been received.
Being bound in black also allows you to customize them however you like. Whatever means you choose - by hand, with stamps, DYMO or our Original Stencil Set - it’s sure to turn out looking incredibly cool.

SIZE: W45 D255 H317

Weight : 0.5kg

PRICE: 1,500 JPY