These are containers for professional use, used when sending chemicals, paint or foods overseas and rarely encountered by the general populace.

Created in response to the physical requirements of transportation, their manufacturing and design allow for no waste and boast a strong appeal for use in everyday life.

Made from paper, they yet have the toughness to handle long periods being transported at sea, are light and air tight, and drums of the same diameter can be safely stacked. Furthermore, removing the metal from them allows them to be put out for recycling.

From among a variety of sizes, P.F.S. has selected the three we consider most convenient for everyday life: 5, 10 and 20L.

These are the perfect sizes for keeps tools and other small items together in your car, for spices in the kitchen, or for things you want to keep out of sight in the bathroom and toilet.

They can also bear heavy loads, easily supporting an adult, and so can be used as a simple step.

5L(FBX170) 230φ H170
10L(FBX240) 283φ H240
20L(FBX385) 283φ H385
Material:Paper, Aluminium

PRICE: 3,000 JPY