Using 100% organic cotton, P.F.S. crafted these towels and bath mats all the way up from the yarn twist. The manufact- uring process that we use for these towels is unique: it won’t work unless you’re using strong, resilient organic cotton and a twist that ensures maximum water absorbency. We also made the hem a focal point of the design: instead of foll- owing the standard procedure and cutting off the throwaway scraps, we leave them in when we close the edges. We also use groundwater from Mount Ishizuchi for the final touches and give the towels some crisp perk with starch paste. What do you get from all that? Easy-to-use towels with a soft, fluffy texture that only gets better with time and incredible absorbency that you’ve only dreamed of. The products in this lineup, all of which feature a P.F.S. tag, come in a pure

vanilla white color and four different types: hand towels, face towels, bath towels, and bath mats.

P.F.S. original towels are manufactured in a factory in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, the home of Japanese towel production

[Care instructions]
○ Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents.
○ To ensure that towels maintain a high level of water absorbency, it is recommended that fabric softeners be avoided.
○ To prevent towels from unravelling, it is recommended that fabric nets be used when washing them.
○ Using a dryer may cause towels to shrink.

Made in Japan

(wash towel) W340 D370
(face towel) W340 D700
(bath towel) W620 D1300
(bath mat) W700 D510

Material:100% cotton

Color:Vanila white

Weight :
(wash towel) 0.07kg
(face towel) 0.13kg
(bath towel) 0.4kg
(bath mat) 0.3kg