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Everyone knows what a "table" should look like; why, then, can it be so hard to find one?
This piece was created from the desire for exactly that - a table, with no unnecessary added value or design flourishes, and no deeper philosophy behind its creation.
It is the embodiment of the ideal "don’t buy cool furniture, live a cool life. "

Although the design isn't what anyone would call eye catching, the life led by someone making good use of this table will surely be a sight to see.
Every step in its creation, right down to the finish, is performed by hand, using traditional methods.
Its use in a variety of ways by successive generations is sure to transform it into a true, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The L size seats four comfortably, while the S size is perfectly suited for someone living alone. There's a small drawer on the side that can hold cutlery when used as a dining table and or small items when used as a desk.

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Size :
(S) W1050 D600 H725
(L) W1300 D730 H725
Material : Solid Oak

PRICE: 150,000 JPY