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The most basic possible sofa, combining a wooden frame with coil springs and using urethane for the cushions.
The seats are a little high, keeping it comfortable to sit on even in situations such as an office where you keep your shoes on.
The overall height of the sofa is low, meaning it won't clash with a window frame even if placed close to one.

It comes in three sizes: OTTOMAN, ARM, 2P and 3P.
You can choose the sofa fabric from 36 varieties of upholstery, divided into a number of price brackets, from which you can choose freely. Please inquire at a store for more details.

*This product may take 1 - 3 months to deliver depending on productioncircumstances. If you have a desired delivery date then please make a prior inquiry to


(OTTOMAN) W550 D440 H420
(ARM) W800 D800 H740 SH420
(2P) W1600 D800 H740 SH420
(3P) W1800 D800 H740 SH420

Material:sold birch / fabric

PRICE: Contact us for a price