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Original shelf units available in two types: as a cabinet top used in combination with our HD CABINETS (right side of photo, top section only) or as freestanding shelves with their own legs (left side of photo).
The top shelf is movable, allowing the height to be adjusted.
Recommended for storage of crockery or displaying items from a collection.
The depth of the shelves has been kept relatively shallow in order to allow use in a compact space, but they have room to store dinner plates with a 30cm diameter.

*This product may take 1 - 3 months to deliver depending on production circumstances. If you have a desired delivery date then please make a prior inquiry to customerservice@pfservice.co.jp.


( without leg ) W1020 D318 H965

( with leg ) W1020 D318 H1170


PRICE: 85,000 JPY