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Cabinets that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including as sideboards, audiovisual boards, for crockery and to store clothing.
The drawer construction uses a center rail, allowing them to easily be pulled in and out.
The interior of the door section includes one movable shelf, allowing its height to be adjusted as you please.

There are two sizes available, S and L. The number of doors and drawers differs for each, allowing you to make a selection based on where you place it and how you want to use it.

Both types can also be used in conjunction with the sold-separately HD SHELF.
Another recommended use is to place a mirror on the cabinet top in order to make the room look wider.

*This product may take 1 - 3 months to deliver depending on production circumstances. If you have a desired delivery date then please make a prior inquiry to customerservice@pfservice.co.jp.

(S) W1206 D453 H740

(L) W1496 D453 H740


PRICE: 163,000 JPY