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An original nightstand lamp.
The origins of this lamp lie in the idea to create one with a pottery base, a type rarely seen in recent times. During our investigation, however, as we created the wooden mold it was decided that - as a woodworking shop - we should just go ahead and make it entirely out of wood.

The shade uses the same natural fibers as the CYLINDER LAMP, providing a unique and beautiful glow.
The wooden base is made entirely by hand, with a brushed varnish finish using polishing powder.
This creates a different texture for each individual piece.
There are two colors, black and brown.

The woodgrain and texture on the walls created by the light glowing from your nightstand is truly wonderful.
It's perfect for use on top of a HD CABINET or DH NIGHT TABLE.

* As the shade uses natural fibers the texture may differ from lot to lot.
* For use with an incandescent light bulb with a E26 base and up to 60 watts.
* This product may take 1 - 3 months to deliver depending on production circumstances. If you have a desired delivery date then please make a prior inquiry to

Size:φ200 H370
Material:oak, natural fiber
Color:black, brown

PRICE: 36,000 JPY